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Thursday Teaching Group 4-5PM on Zoom

This group meets every week.

We meditate for 20 minutes and

Dennis gives a dharma talk and answers questions

This group is open to all practitioners, both beginning and experienced.


All Day Retreats

One Day Saturday Retreats provide an opportunity for extended silent group practice. We conclude our silence at the end of the day with time to acknowledge our community and interconnection, to share our experiences, and to reflect on integrating mindfulness into our lives. Participating for the whole day is encouraged, but if that is not possible, coming for the morning is an option. Please bring your own lunch and sitting equipment (cushions etc.) or use chairs provided.

We arrive at 9:15 and begin silence at 9:30.

Our sitting meditation periods are 45 minutes, alternating with 30 minute walking periods.

Half day attendees leave 12:30.

We enjoy a silent mindful lunch and

resume sitting at 1:45. Dennis gives a talk at 3PM and

we conclude the day about 5PM.


Monday Meditation Group 4-5PM
on Zoom

This weekly group time will provide group practice in sitting meditation, with a brief talk  about the foundations of Insight (Vipassana) Meditation and its basis in Buddhist teachings. Open to all, both new and experienced practitioners.

Dennis Maurer has practiced, studied and taught meditation since 1973. His guiding teacher is

Narayan Liebenson of the Cambridge Insight

Meditation Center in Cambridge MA.

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